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Logo Design required an update to the logo design and a new website design to enable them to appeal to a higher-end target market.

The client wanted to update the brand as the existing logo was too amateur, and they wanted to create a high-end luxurious brand. Therefore, the logo design required a small refresh.

I needed to change the typeface that formed the logo design. The existing logo design was a fun one but had a bit of a juvenile feel to it.

Now the client wanted to showcase what the island had to offer, it needed to look more luxurious and high-end.

I changed the typeface to one with a more modern-looking but fresh feel to it. This changed the feel of the brand. The existing colour palette was to remain the same.

Now the logo design and the branding had been updated to look more luxurious, the website design needed to reflect this change. This resulted in elements of the previous design that looked juvenile being removed.

The typefaces on the website were updated to ones that were easier to read and looked more sophisticated.

Refreshing the graphic elements used previously was a key factor. This resulted in clean lines and bold colours being used instead.

The client also wanted to highlight how they were locals and had all the local knowledge of the island. Therefore, this meant that you were dealing with someone who had the experience required to make your visit enjoyable and memorable.

I designed a set of icons that would sit at the bottom of the video on the home page to reflect this. These could also be used on all collateral to promote the brand moving forward.

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