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Anniversary Logo Design

Logo Design

To design and create an anniversary logo design to celebrate 30 years of business for Farmer Autovillage.

For the logo design itself, the client had an idea in mind of what they required. The logo design needed to incorporate the company colours, and the client also wanted to add a touch of gold to the design.

The number 30 on the logo design used a round geometric style typeface, representing wheels on a car. The 3 and the 0 were designed to be interlocking to keep the numbers together. There was space left to add the word “years” between the 0, and 1991/2021 inside the 3, tying the design together.

The 30 logo design needed to sit above the Farmer Autovillage logo and balance alongside it.

The anniversary logo design was to be applied to many items, on signage around the building, as well as being added to printed collateral.

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