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Campervan Wedding Stationery Design

Campervan Wedding Stationery Design

Hop on board the Campervan Wedding Stationery Suite - the ultimate ride to wedding bliss!

Inspired by the couple's love for the Volkswagen Kombi van, this wedding stationery design is a total heart-stealer.

Picture this: a super sweet campervan graphic stealing the spotlight on your wedding stationery. Yep, that's right! I sketched out both the front and rear views of the van, making sure every detail was as cute as can be. 

And guess what? The invites are no ordinary cards - they're funky square-folded ones! Flip it over, and bam! You've got the back of the campervan welcoming your guests.

But wait, there's more! I jazzed things up with 3D number plates featuring the couple's names. Talk about adding that extra oomph!

Now, here's the real show stealer - this wedding stationery design wasn't just a hit with the couple; it became their wedding logo! From save-the-dates to seating charts, place names, and even the thank you's, the campervan stole the show on every piece of wedding stationery.

Love what you're hearing? Let's chat about making this design your own.

Get ready to roll out the fun and customise your very own campervan wedding stationery suite!

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