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Captain Tamas Logo Design

Logo Design

Captain Tamas’s asked me to update their logo design for them, and then create a website design as part of the project.

As I had completed design projects for other Cook Island clients; Aitutaki.comTurama Pacific Travel Group and the Aitutaki Marathon, I understood the island vibe that was required and the importance of the traditional island patterns and symbols.

The client needed a logo design and a website design. They were the original tour operators offering the world-famous Muri Lagoon glass-bottom boat cruise in a tropical paradise.

There were other competitors offering the same experience and they needed to stand out against the competition.

I decided to reference traditional Rarotongan symbols for the logo design.

I picked up on the Manu tai, (sea birds) “known as the fisherman’s or sailors motif, a harbinger of good news. The birds indicate the presence of fish or the indication of land nearby.”

I decided to include this as part of the logo design. I also wanted to keep consistency with the original logo, and utilise the clownfish icon, that the client was originally using as part of the original logo design.

The logo design needed to include the wordmark; “Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruizes.” I designed this as an outline, as the tour was on a glass-bottom boat. I wanted the logo to show the background when placed over items.

The manu tai was utilised in the website design, using these to point to the images relevant to the corresponding text blocks.

As Captain Tama’s was all about fun, I incorporated bright colours in the logo design.

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