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Grief Support Brochure Design

Brochure Design

Grief Support Services asked me if I could help with their brochure design.

They had tried to update the brochure design themselves, in-house, however, the design wasn't quite what they were envisioning.

They felt they needed a "professional eye" to make changes and to create the brochure design they needed.

The images that had already been sourced were utilised in the brochure design. I made some subtle tweaks to the brochure design itself.

I standardised the typefaces being used and added more space to the brochure design.

The colours on the existing brochure design didn't feel right. Red and orange had been used heavily throughout the brochure.

As the brochure was about grief and suicide, they were too harsh, and not sympathetic to the subject matter.

I updated the colour palette for the brochure design, utilising green, which represents healing and growth, and felt much more sympathetic to the brochure design subject matter and easier on the eye.

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