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MAI Travel Brand Design


Brand Design

MAI Travel was a brand-new business that required a full brand design.

They were offering tailor-made luxury tours to travellers from overseas.

Money would be no object, whatever the customer wanted, they would make it happen. Being a new business, they required a whole brand designed for them.

Brand Design Requirements

I was asked to design a logo, business stationery and a website for them.

The design of the logo was based on the Takarangi (pitau). Takarangi is an intersecting spiral pattern used in carving.

The spirals represent past knowledge and experience linking through time and space with the present. The open spiral can also represent the entry of light and knowledge into the world and depicts the linkage of man with wairua (spirit). On the prow of waka (canoe), they provide added stability and balance allowing wind and wave to pass through.

Brand Colour Palette

I decided to use a dark green colour combined with a yellow/gold colour for the logo to give a luxurious feel to the brand.

Green is highly connected to nature and money.

This would be the perfect colour to form the basis of the brand design. Representing wealth and money to target the right client, and representing nature, which reflected the experiences offered to the consumer.

Gold symbolises prestige, success, wealth and prosperity, and is known to enlighten, inspire, uplift and influence the audience. This was also a good colour choice for the brand design and what the client wanted to brand to represent.

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