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Pool Covers Brochure Design


Brochure Design

The client asked me to design a brochure design to promote the range of automatic pool covers available to enhance a customer’s swimming pool.

This was a consumer brochure, designed for use by an end user. The brief was to create a brochure design that would promote the range of pool covers available that the trade customers would give to their clients.

The supplier, DEL, had designed technical brochures designed for each of the cover systems. These included specifications, sizing, colour options etc. The technical brochure would be available to the consumer if they needed to know more detail about their selected system.

With this in mind, I decided to pick up the suppliers’ colours and use their logos for the cover systems to keep with the brand consistency for the brochure design.

This way, the consumer would be able to easily identify with the system they had already chosen.

The brochure design utilised a square format, enabling it to stand out from the traditional A4 portrait layout, and the competition.

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