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Aitutaki Marathon Poster Design

Poster Design

This was a fun project to work on!

Poster designs were required to promote the Aitutaki Marathon, along with various other collateral, including tickets, certificates, and an entry form. The poster design needed to incorporate elements of the Cook Islands patterns.

I wanted to ensure all elements looked similar and on brand for the Aitutaki Marathon collateral. A logo had already been created, so I wanted to pick up on the fonts and colours used for the poster design.

I decided to incorporate the patterns and graphics used by the Cook Islands into the poster design. Each of the elements that make up the pattern has a meaning behind them, and I felt it was important to add this to the poster design.

I incorporated the corner graphic into the poster design and the registration form, to add a fun and cultural element to the design. The pattern was also added to the bottom of the images. The information was kept simple and straightforward, so it could be easy to read.

Tickets and certificates were also required. The previous design of the certificates was very plain, and I felt the pattern could be incorporated into the certificate to make the design stand out. It would also reflect the event’s branding and styling, rather than look like a standard certificate, and would complement the poster design.

For the ticket designs, I also incorporated the same elements. This ensured they all felt part of the same group of branding collateral.

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