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Product Catalogue Design

Catalogue Design

The client asked me to create a product catalogue design to showcase their product range to their customers.

The existing catalogue design was a black and white, hard-cover book, with the spare parts catalogue contained in the back of the book.

Feedback from colleagues and customers was that this catalogue was only used as a reference for pricing, but the competitor catalogues were utilised for relaying information.

With this in mind, it was decided to give the catalogue design an overhaul, in order to make it an easier-to-use product.

Tabbed sections were added,  making products easier to find, a full-colour layout and additional photographs of products were also included.

Technical information, such as flow chart graphs, dimensions and specifications, were also included, so all the information was on hand at a glance.

The catalogue design overhaul was taken a step further, shading the dimension drawings, making them easier to see, and ensuring that the technical information (i.e. graphs), matched the company fonts and colours.

The spare parts catalogue was removed and became its own separate book.

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