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Pool Brochure Design


Brochure Design

The client required a brochure design to promote the range of Swimmer Pool Kits, an easy way to build a swimming pool in your garden. These can be customised depending on the size and the options included within the pool kit. The brochure design was aimed at consumers.

The idea behind the swimming pool brochure design was to sell the idea of a swimming pool to consumers who didn’t currently have one, so the images had to be strong.

The brochure design had to showcase how versatile the swimming pool kits were, and what options were available to the end user to make a swimming pool sound more appealing.

I kept the brochure design simple, making use of white space and strong swimming pool lifestyle images to help to sell the idea.

I utilised a square format for the brochure design, which was different to the standard brochure size, and stood out from the competition.

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