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What are Save-The-Dates?

Destination Wedding Save-The-Date | Wedding Stationery Design Tauranga

What are save-the-date cards?

Save-the-dates are a handy way to inform your family and friends of your wedding date.

This ensures they won't find themselves double-booked when their invitation arrives.

Your save-the-date cards will also give your guests a taste of what is to come by introducing your theme for the big day, which will usually run through from your very first save-the-dates and invitations to your wedding day stationery and thank you cards!

What should I put on my save-the-dates?

You will need to include the basic information about the venue and the date.

These are used to give your guests advance notice of your upcoming wedding.

Save-the-dates are particularly handy if your wedding is happening in a short timeframe, as these can be produced relatively quickly and easily.

They are also useful if your guests need to travel, as they can begin to plan transport, accommodation etc.

You can design your save-the-dates to be any size and shape you require, and even make them into fridge magnets - this way they are easy to put on display for your guests. 

Who should I send a save-the-date to?

You don't need to send a save-the-date to all your guests.

These can be just fro the more important members of your guest list - the ones you really want to be a part of your special day, the people you don't want to celebrate without.

If you have guests travelling from overseas, or elsewhere in the country, a save-the-date would be useful for them, so they can make plans in advance.

If you do send a save-the-date to a guest, please remember they will be expecting to be a part of your day, so think carefully about your guest list before sending!

When should I send my save-the-dates?

Usually 8 - 12 months before your wedding is an acceptable timeframe.

If you are organised and know your date and venue well in advance, feel free to send them when you are ready.

The more notice you give your guests, the easier it will be for your guests to plan and save.

Time off work, accommodation, transport, childcare etc is much easier to organise with plenty of advance notice.

Do I still need to send an invitation?

Yes, you will still need to send a formal invitation.

Save-the-dates do exactly what they say they do, to save-the-date.

Your invitation will give more detail and information about the day itself.

The invitation will specify the date, time, venue as well as adding any additional information about gift lists, wishing wells, RSVP options and transport arrangements. 

How do I design my save-the-dates?

You can design these yourself, or ask a professional designer to create them for you.

There are many options for you to create a design yourself, and if you want to give it a go yourself, then why not!

However, if you would like to hand the design of your wedding stationery to someone else, a professional designer can make the process easier for you, and can prompt you through the process with handy reminders along the way.

I offer many options for wedding statioenry design, including custom, bespoke design options. Get in touch and we can discuss your ideas further, or check out some designs on my Etsy shop.