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Unlocking the Magic of Brand Guidelines

Your secret to a consistent and memorable brand.

Hey there, brand builders! If you’re on a mission to create a knockout brand, you’ve probably heard whispers about “brand guidelines.”

But what are they really, and why should you care? Think of brand guidelines as your brand’s ultimate playbook—a magical document that ensures your brand always looks and feels its best, no matter where it appears.

Let’s dive into the fun details of what makes up brand guidelines and why they’re a game-changer.

So, what are brand guidelines anyway?

Brand guidelines, or brand style guides or manuals, are like the rulebook for your brand’s look, feel, and voice.

They’re here to make sure everything about your brand is consistent and fabulous, from your website to your social media posts.

The cool components of brand guidelines.

Brand Overview

Mission Statement. The heart and soul of your brand. It’s why you exist and what you aim to achieve.

Vision Statement: Your brand’s big dream. It’s where you see yourself in the future.

Core Values: The principles that guide everything you do.

Logo Usage

Primary Logo: The main star of the show. Use this logo the most.

Secondary Logo: Backup dancers—variations for different situations (like horizontal or vertical versions).

Logo Spacing and Sizing: Rules for how much space your logo needs to shine and the smallest size it should be.

Incorrect Usage: Don’t be a logo outlaw! Examples of what not to do, like stretching or changing colours.

Colour Palette

Primary Colours: Your brand’s main colours. These are your go-to shades.

Secondary Colours: Additional colours that add some flair.

Colour Codes: The secret codes (RGB, CMYK, HEX) that keep your colours looking consistent everywhere.


Primary Typeface: Your main font squeeze. The font you use most often.

Secondary Typeface: Sidekick fonts for special purposes, like headlines or body text.

Text Styling: The lowdown on font sizes, line spacing, and text hierarchy.

Imagery and Photography

Image Style: The vibe of your photos and illustrations—whether it’s candid, professional, or vibrant.

Image Usage: How to pick and use images that keep your brand’s look consistent.

Voice and Tone

Brand Voice: Your brand’s personality in words—friendly, authoritative, witty, you name it.

Tone Variations: How your tone changes based on context, like social media vs. formal press releases.

Design Elements

Graphics and Icons: Custom graphics and icons that are uniquely yours.

Patterns and Textures: Any special patterns or textures that make your brand pop.


Print Materials: Rules for your printed stuff—business cards, brochures, letterheads.

Digital Media: Guidelines for your online presence—websites, social media, emails, ads.

Merchandise: Specs for branded goodies like t-shirts, packaging, and promo items.

Brand Implementation

Internal Use: How your team should stick to the guidelines.

External Use: Instructions for partners and vendors to keep everything on-brand.

Why should you love brand guidelines?

Consistency is key! A consistent brand helps your audience recognise and trust you. Whether it’s a tweet, a billboard, or a business card, keeping the same style makes your brand more memorable and professional. Brand guidelines are your trusty sidekick in making this happen.

By setting the rules for how your brand should look and sound, brand guidelines make it easy for everyone—designers, marketers, partners, and employees—to create content that’s always on point.

So, if you’re ready to build a strong, unforgettable brand, start with some killer brand guidelines and watch your brand magic unfold!

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