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I was no exception!

Wedding business owners - Ever struggle with a bad habit you just can't shake?

Maybe it’s procrastination, neglecting your brand or marketing, or waiting for clients to find you?

For me, it was nail-biting.

I picked it up from my mum, who was a nail-biter. Children copy their parents, and I was no exception. Unfortunately, this nasty habit was hard to break.

Stress and worry only made it worse, and I was so self-conscious about my nails. They were a mess, and I tried everything: those awful-tasting nail polishes, painting them, even fake nails, but nothing worked.

Then one day, I saw my daughter starting to bite her nails.

NO! This was the last thing I wanted for her.

So, I got serious about finding a solution.

Enter my saviour: a lovely nail technician who recommended BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) manicures. She assured me that many of her clients, former nail-biters, had great success with this treatment.

Feeling a mixture of embarrassment and hope, I showed up for my appointment, baring my short, ragged nails. “Can you do anything with these?” I asked, cringing.

To my surprise and delight, I loved my new nails!

They were durable, practical, and looked fabulous!

The best part? My confidence soared.

I was no longer embarrassed by my nails and even looked forward to my appointments—a chance to unwind and chat with my awesome nail tech.

Have you built up bad habits?

If you’ve built up bad habits, like neglecting your branding, not having a usable logo, or maintaining an outdated website, it’s never too late to change them.

Just as I needed a plan and a helping hand to overcome my nail-biting, your business needs a strategy and possibly some expert assistance to break free from bad habits and thrive.

Remember, whether it's personal or professional, breaking bad habits is about recognising the issue, seeking the right help, and staying committed to improvement.

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